Anti-viral paint shows promise

Anti-viral paint shows promise 1The manufacturers of Airlite paint say recent testing shows that it has “strong, immediate and long-lasting anti-viral qualities” to equal its antibacterial and air cleaning properties.

Tests, say the company, showed a 74% virus reduction in 60 minutes and a 99.9% reduction in 4 hours. It is hoped that the paint could be effective against a wide range of viruses.

In response to COVID-19, Airlite has undertaken virus testing with La Sapienza University of Rome and in China at the Guangdong Detection Centre of Microbiology to investigate the anti-viral qualities of the paint.

Detailed testing in Rome revealed that Airlite breaks down viruses in the same manner in which soap makes viruses inactive.

Airlite is can be applied on internal and external walls. It is formulated to create a barrier that prevents dirt in the air from settling and, at the same time, eliminates bacteria and prevents the formation of moulds and odours.

Anti-viral paint shows promise

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